Early Years

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Here are a few photos from Cow-Pee-Hole, where I spent my childhood. YES, it really was, and is, named that!

For many years, I was embarrassed by beginnings that might be described as "humble." Humble was uptown truth be told. But the strange kid with the strange family went on to do things that the little boy wandering through the Florida wilderness never dreamed.

Unfortunately, there is very little photo evidence of my life prior to 1987 or so. For those of you who have read This Splendid Day, you will recognize the passage where I walk out of San  Francisco and kinda go nuts. It really happened that way. I walked out with only the clothes I had been wearing at Jack's memorial, leaving all else, including 100's of photographs, behind. That said, here are a few that I garnered from family hordes.

Yes, I am in this picture, albeit unseen, Dad was a hunk huh?

The whole clan, uncle Konrad, aunt Carol, mom, dad, and the grandparents

  The little princeling, before they realized I would never reproduce

Amazing how much this looks like everybody else's 1st grade picture

As you can see, I was MUCH more sophisticated by 2nd grade. I am 3rd from the left on top. Others that are in the books and in here are Mary Nobles and Sarah Miller

Dad on expedition

My uncles Gunner and Mate, both near my age, in what has to be one of the most American photos ever taken

The ancient clan, the Baron , all that rot

One morning back at ol Cow Pee Hole

I'm about 9 or 10 here, with my dog Ebony and yet another litter of pups

Am guessing that I am about 13 here, with Ebony and Teddy

And this is what I looked like when I was thrown to the wide world. I often tear up when I see this one. That kid had no idea what life was going to throw at him