The Documentary

Titled "Glow in the Dark," the film is scheduled to be released on the film festival circuit August 2012

I want to make it very clear that I in no way consider myself the "talent" when it comes to the upcoming documentary about me. After the lights and cameras were gone, and the film-maker had flown back to Europe, I finally Googled "Pagniotis Evangelidis"  and discovered that the world shared my view that he is a genius. Several weeks later, his award winning documentary "Chip & Ovi" arrived in the post and proved it beyond any doubt. Chip and Ovi are two remarkable young lovers living in Romania who grew up in special orphanages where families throw away their disabled / deformed children. One was born with a shortened leg, the other without hands. Panos portrayed them with such a deft hand that you are charmed by their personalities and the disfigurements are all but forgotten.

Since he left he has given only a few hints about what to expect to make it into the final film after the 120 hours that were taped have been edited down......So, here it is, the first preview.

In it, I am describing how it came to be that a president of the United States saw me naked.

Please guys, note that I am not tweaking, the involuntary tics were medication related.