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That's me lighting the cig, way oh way oh way back when

This group of photographs is by far the largest for very good reason; friends are the most important people in the world to me. Family, well family has rebuffed my every attempt to connect, and lovers, well, after Adam, there were no real lovers other than the fling with Jimmie. But friends, they are there through it all. The 3am phone calls full of woe, the triumphs as well. That is why, on June 9th, my birthday, I tell everyone to honor me by honoring their friends. Let them know how special they are!


This one is first for a reason. To the left is Stephen, and to the right, the dearest person on the planet to me, Sara!

Here's Ethem, who in the book is my teaboy. I also ended up being one of the best men at his wedding. You'll have to wait for that story...

This was taken only a week or so after I'd met Ethem

Darling Quereshini, who's voice is so lovely that she now makes a living with it! She has returned to her native South Africa and can be heard on the radio there.

My only other pic with Quereshini. to the left of me are Rob, Quereshini's fag in waiting, and Marios.

Here's Dorothy, my "Dumpln Warrior Woman." This wondrous soul was able to deal with the most cantankerous residents of the Graham with ease, strength and love.

  Here are Cecilia and a boy whose name I honestly don't remember playing glamour in the bedroom at Williamswood

I told you I had pictures of this! Here's Chey being "arrested" in Turkey

  As you can see, charges were never brought. This is Chey and me in an Ankara Tea Garden

Here I am with Zephyr. The theme of the party was hats! Whew! look at that true "redneck tan line" I got!

   Here I am with little Nikko on the slopes of the Acropolis

And here we are again playing tourist at Delphi.

  Here I am with Rev Dee in Knoxville, where we'd just opened a day care center for disabled adults.

  This Luis, a sweet Brazilian of my acquaintance

OK OK, more than acquaintance, he brought me roses, infer what you will

Here's Manderley, a woman who more that deserves all the good that life can give

  Left to right: Louis, Frank, Moi, Thomas and Marios below

  This is Ron and me in Palm Springs, it was Ron and his delightful wife Betty who nursed me back to health after my appendix blew at Logan airport while I was waiting for a flight to Istanbul.

  This is Chey in the photo mentioned in the book

  Joe, Me, Little Nikko in the agora

Jim and me in 2005. Wait! you scream. I thought Jimmie was back in the early 80s! Well, he was. But, I had this dream that I had found him, and got on the computer to look and....