Let's make you some money!

Ok, I admit it, I am probably not going to make you millions or even tens of thousands, but that's not for want of trying.

In most communities of any size, there is usually the big HIV/AIDS care organization or agency that everybody in town knows about and then at least one smaller organization that is also doing wonderful work but is all but unknown. I have designed all of this with the latter in mind.

Additionally, because of my own history as a 14 year old throwaway street kid, I am just as excited about helping raise funds for those organizations that serve homeless GLBT youth. I want my story to not only illustrate the mistakes I made so others may avoid them, there is also the flip side; after all, if a gay boy from a place called "Cow Pee Hole" can go from the streets to chatting with the Princess of Wales, then the sky is the limit for anyone!

Below are links to the various "products" I am offering. Once we have nailed down the date(s) I can supply you with artwork for posters, flyers, print ads etc. I have also found it helpful for me to appear on local morning shows and the like, and or radio shows. You know your community, so you will know best how many people you can probably bring in, what venue will be best and all that. As I said, I will do everything I can to assist you.

The only monies you will be asked to put out up front when it comes to me are for the books, since I have to buy them and then have them directly shipped to you, and my traveling expenses. Greyhound and somebody's sofa or Motel 6 are fine with me.