Little ol moi

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  This is my favorite photo of myself

  Dramatically changing gears here, a self pic that is just fun

  I am 19 here, dig those disco clothes!

  Me at around 35

  Always the fashion plate!

  At age 22. This was about 6 months before the stabbing

  Another at 22, just silliness

  In Cappadocia. During these days there were those who called me "Indiana Fontaine"

  At about age 40, in a hot tub, where else? Orange County

  Taken during that first Athens winter

  Peeeeeeeeeeeeek aboo

  The artist at work, circa 2000

  One of the more famous pics of me, this one was actually a cover shot for a magazine. Taken in eastern Turkey wearing traditional Kurdish headgear

  This is another of my favorite photos of myself, taken on a cold March Sunday morn by a nice Danish tourist I handed my disposable wide angle camera to. This was my first visit to a place that had called me since my earliest years