New Orleans

a few photos of my home and hometown, Nawlins

These first ones were taken right after that bitch Katrina trashed the place

Looking into this building was like looking into a doll house. Very weird. The clothes were still hanging in closets, bed still made just the other side of that car...

We survive because we laugh

  Yes, this was a REAL scene. We saw one place with a roof and floor and NO WALLS that also had a for rent sign

I could give you loads of the standard fare New Orleans pics, but here are just a few that I took around the neighborhood

  To me, New Orleans is at it's most magical in the fog, where the gaslights and muffled sounds take you back into her storied past...

  We call both the shadow and the statue "Touchdown Jesus"

  She still makes trips, but these days for tourists. At one point in the 80s my dad worked on this old tub

  You hear footsteps behind you. Your heart thumps against your chest like a bass drum, your breath quickens. What creeps up with such stealth? A vampire? A guy wanting directions?

Here are a few glimpses into the way that we just cannot leave anything bland and uninteresting...

  A very common site here. It makes directions exceedingly simple

  While it is far more common to see trees absolutely drenched with beads, we also throw them on lamp posts and anyplace else really. The reason that so many houses here slump to one side or another is that the attics are full of mardi gras beads.

  Sadly, many residents don't realize that the street posts ARE REALLY SLANTED

  Here's one of the smaller neighborhood parades, this one went right by our house, miles from the routes of the famous big affairs

  A young, ummmm, friend, yeah, that's it, friend, on Bourbon Street


  No, while this was taken in one of my favorite restaurants, it is not an item from the menu. It's the owner's pet...."Fluffy."

Last and never least, some of the denizens of chez Michael and some photos of the ol homestead

   This was the front of my house during last December's little snow surprise.

  Taken during the same storm ( I know I know, a shock ) This is a view of part of my back courtyard from my back porch.

  Here is what that part more usually looks like

  When we moved in, the back was just a slab of concrete. I dragged in the bricks and built this pond, this being it's first incarnation.

  Here it was a few months later, I am perhaps ridiculously proud of my lillies

  Here we find DNA and Akasha vying for ownership of my closet

  Helios the wonder pooch

  The baby and the star.... Eartha Katt