These are the paintings that are currently available, you will find a link to older works at the bottom of the page. Click on any photo to see the larger view

  The Green Dot

3ft x 5ft oil on canvas. This work is built with more than a dozen layers of oils and varnishes giving it a glimmering look as the viewer's angle changes. It asks the viewer a variety of questions which each must answer for themselves.



36"x36" oil on canvas  The key to this work is that the boy portrayed has no eyes and therefore is utterly unaware of his own beauty and lives in the simple celebration of simply being.


  Under that moon

12" x 48" oil on canvas  Another of my works that leaves itself to be fully interpreted within the viewer's mind. Is the swimmer alone on a vast ocean night, or is he only feet from shore?


  Then Again

24" x 36" oil on canvas  The same man in two modes, one shy and self protective and the other carefree and joyous.



16" x 20" oil on canvas  This is my portrait of a wonderful man I only was blessed to know the last 3 weeks of his life.


  One Tuesday in May

24" x 36" oil on canvas  Yep, another work that asks the viewer to answer questions. Is the angel being held back or trying to bring the man up to join his fellow?



24" x 36" oil and acrylic on canvas A self portrait of that poor kid way back when who had no idea what life was going to throw at him


  Sacred Profanities

4ft x 6ft oil on canvas  A study in the ways we cobble and patch our values and beliefs in sometimes tormented ways to make sense of it all.


  That Song

3 x 12" x 12" triptych oil on canvas Oh the ways that music can transprot us through time to other people, other places, other dreams


Older works