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OK, there's lots of these, so there are 2 pages


  This is an abandoned house in Cappadocia. I actually lived here for a while to save money

  This is the temple of Apollo at Didmya, which in it's day was equal to Delphi, and in which I was elevated.

  This is the natural effervescent hot pool at Pammukale, where you swim amongst the Roman ruins

  This was my famous bed in Athens when I lived below the Center for Life

  I thought this place had an interesting name. It was a block away from the flat in Athens in which I wrote much of "This Splendid Day"

  My favorite carpet shop. In Goreme

  This is the village in which Mother Teresa met us after our second journey into Iraq. If you look, you can see the women on the bridge bringing water up

  The Turks waste nothing. Here's a house built between the base columns of a Byzantine aqueduct

  This is a friend of mine ahead of me as we traverse a gorge that we have found in, where else, Cappadocia

  My front hall in Illisia

  Thomas, a guy from Australia I met on the road, atop one of the tunnels carved by a seasonal stream we followed outside Goreme

  Interior of the temple at Didmya, you can fit a football field inside

  The famous Byzantine church on Mykonos.

  Olu Deniz and the boat upon which Mutlu and I took the Blue Water Tour

  My hotel in Goreme

  A street scene on Paros