Places 2

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  Street scene in Goreme, and kitty

  Obviously in Cappadocia, you can see the size by the people in the left foreground

  Mouth of the Ilhara Gorge

  The travertines at Pammukale

  Those handsome and talented Evzones in Athens. The are not so talented as to have 3 legs, I just managed to catch this shot during a changing of the guard

  A really sort of average caravansary, right down to the television antenna

  Street scene in Kusadasi

  Gypsy boys having a swim in Kusadasi.

  This was the view from my room in Seljuk on my last visit to Turkey. It is a castle built by the Crusaders.

  A Flying Dolphin, the fast way to get from Samos to Kusadasi. I was obviously on the slow boat when I took this

  Another reason people go to Mykonos

  Petros, one of the famous pink pelicans of Mykonos. They have the number one right of way on the island, followed by donkeys and then motorized vehicles

  A church on Mykonos, and yet another photo I turned into a painting

  Yet again the temple at Didmya. The people show the scale of the place

  Idyllic scene on Paros

  The windmills of Mykonos

  View from Paros

  One of my "cave" rooms in Goreme

  The view they call "Little Venice" on Mykonos

  Sometimes in life, if you squint, you can pretend that the world is a different place, where 21st century troubles aren't known

  The fishermen return...Paros

  The Ringling Museum, Sarasota