The Cabaret Show

The reason I chose the cabaret format for the one hour show is that it gives you the greatest flexibility in finding a venue. "swampchild" is a very intimate performance which can work in a large theatre but is designed to work in a room that only holds a  hundred people. Indeed, I get the audience involved.


Yes, my life has known horrors and pain,


  but the entire point of the show (beyond raising funds for you) is to have the audience leave uplifted, empowered and hopefully still laughing.



Cabaret has the word "bar" at its center, and since this is intended to raise funds for you, not deplete them. It is fairly easy to find a bar that is willing to have you bring in people on at least one of its slower nights. They make money on the drinks as well as get a tax deduction for "donating" the stage and show room. You should also talk them into including the show in their advertising as well.

I make $5 per person, and the suggested ticket price is $12.50 to $17.50

I also ask that either 10% or so of the room be scholarship or that I give a free show to clients of your agency who cannot afford to buy tickets.